Finding the Golden Nest Egg

Finding the Golden Nest Egg

Knowing the best property to invest in is like buying a lottery ticket – when the situations are just right you can be sitting on a winner. I have spent the last two decades elbow-deep in data and legislation so that I can provide my clients with the best investment advice for their property portfolios. …

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How Many Properties Does It Take to Retire Comfortably?

How Many Properties Does It Take to Stop Work Comfortably?

The number one question I get asked when I tell people I am an investment savvy finance broker is, ‘How many properties will I need to stop work comfortably?’ And the answer I always give is, ‘It depends on how much you give yourself TLC: the magic multiplication of time, leverage, and compound returns.’ Why? Because there are several …

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The Proper Property Hunt

If you’ve made the decision to invest in property, you might think the next step is the easiest one: picking a house to purchase. But it’s not as simple as perusing the real estate section on a Saturday morning. If you’re new to the property game, how do you know what to look for before …

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Taking Your Property Multi-VITAMINS

The key to investing in property is understanding. Once you have a clear picture of why you’re investing, you can start focusing on how. Fortunately, there are methodologies to ensure that you’ve considered everything you need to, and that you’re making the wisest decision possible. Welcome to my list of ‘Property Multi-Vitamins’ – a simple …

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