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It is more than a mortgage. With the right strategy and financial architecture, you’ll free up finance and turn your humble home loan into a mechanism that sets you up for life.
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Aspirational Investors

Let’s be honest. The 9 to 5 (or 7, or 8 …) grind steals our time, our joy and our life. And most of the time, it doesn’t help us ‘get ahead’. But you can break free with property investment.
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You know about the importance of property investment, but it is hard without the right support! Find out how to optimise, grow and accelerate your ambitions.
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Property Investment Strategy

Get the strategy to live more, work less and live your legacy by replacing your income through property.
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Don't go it alone! Execute your strategy with the support of an elite, independent team of property experts. income through property.
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Freedom Formula Program

Learn how to live more, work less and live your legacy. Activate and implement your own Freedom Formula with personal guidance.
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Home Loans

We’re more than mortgage brokers. Get the right home loan to suit your goals without the stress, sweat and mess.
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Investment Finance

Property investment is a game of finance. Invest the smart and sustainable way, with lower costs, low risk and reduced tax.
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Fancy some more cash in your pocket? Reduce your living costs by between $400 to $1200 per month, at no cost to your lifestyle.
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client case study

From humble home owner to savvy property investor

How it started: Working fulltime in the wine industry, Radek Petlak bought his first home for $82,000 in 2001.

Before long, Radek realised he’d built up some equity. With advice and strategy from KnowHow’s Bushy Martin, Radek optimised his loans and began targeting and buying the right properties over eight years.

How it’s going: Radek and his wife have 12 properties valued at a total of more than $3 million. They have replaced their income and can retire whenever they like.

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KnowHow is led by Bushy Martin, one of Australia’s Top 10 Property Specialists, an award-winning mentor and author.

Mentor of the Year – The Advisor – Better Business Awards 2019
Best Personal Finance and Investment Book 2019
Best Marketing and Publicity Achieved 2019
Top 10 Property Specialist Australia

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Giving back brings the richest rewards, and it’s our mission to see our clients set free to invest in the people, and the world, around them.

We are partnering with our clients to give one million days of life saving water – for every dollar we save our clients on their home loan, we give one day of clean water to families living in Ethiopia.

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