Learn how to sustainably and successfully create wealth through property, with Bushy Martin’s unique six stage Property Wealth Revolution of Growth.

Welcome to the Property WEALTH bootcamp, where KnowHow founder, top property investor, author and commentator Bushy Martin reveals his unique six stage Property Wealth Revolution of Growth.

This is essential listening for anyone who wants to find their Freedom Formula, and sustainably build wealth through property. It’s all right here, on this web page!

The Property WEALTH bootcamp is based on the concept of ‘preventative wealth’, and will set you up for long-term success.

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Session list:

Session 1 – Introduction and investor mistakes

Session 2 – W: Your Why

Session 3 – E: Examine

Session 4 – A: Approach

Session 5 – L: Leverage

Session 6 – T: Treatment

Session 7 – H: Health

Session 1 – Introduction and investor mistakes

We start the bootcamp by giving you your V.I.T.A.M.I.N.S – your eight fundamental property investment principles.

You’ll also learn about the common investor mistakes from the outset, so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

Session 2 – W: Your Why

Finding your ‘WHY’ is the first and critical step in your property investment journey.

Finding your why is about getting crystal clear about your ideal lifestyle and exactly how you want to live your life – in other words, what are you doing with who, when and where, on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis?

Having a crystal clear and vivid vision of your ideal lifestyle that engages all of your senses will become both a magnet and a compass for your journey.

Session 3 – E: Examine

The examination stage is an important step in your property investment journey, where you understand your investment capacity and capability.

Discover what you can do and what you are comfortable with from an investment perspective, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

There’s key tools and takeaways in this session, so listen closely to learn about the Kick Ass Auto Saver System, BEAR Facts and other key insights to help you win the property game of finance. 

Session 4 – A: Approach

What is your property investment strategy? You’re now ready to focus on your Approach, what we like to call your ‘Start:egy GPS’.

As a property investor, do you go for capital growth or focus on cash flow? Do you buy homes, units, apartments or townhouses? They’re tough questions, unless you’re clear on what and how you need to invest to achieve your ideal lifestyle goals.

So in this session, let’s talk about what it takes to get clear on your Approach, helping you develop a strategy that includes lifestyle, finance and of course property.

Session 5 – L: Leverage

Even the smartest, most talented people reach the ceiling of their own limitations. So how do you break through your own barriers in property investment? You need to leverage your elite team and the resources available to you. 

In this session, we talk about ‘Leverage’ – the ability to use other people’s expertise
and other people’s money, recognising that property investment is a game of finance
in an elite team sport.

Leverage is the concept that will have the most significant impact on your success in life generally and on achieving your ultimate lifestyle goals. But how do you do it right? Tune in.

Session 6 – T: Treatment

We’re now at the Treatment stage of your property journey, where you’re finally ready to invest … based on your property purchase principles.

This is the sixth session of the Property WEALTH bootcamp where Bushy Martin reveals his unique six stage Property Wealth Revolution of Growth, and we’ll continue our ‘talk on Treatment’ when we wrap up the bootcamp next session. 

Now you get to implement and deliver your start:egy solution and personal prescription treatment, based on your specific needs, capability and sleep at night factor. 

So let’s get in to it!

Session 7 – H: Health

As we wrap up the Property WEALTH bootcamp, we cover the important Health checks in the property purchase process.

We answer the big questions raised in our previous session (T – Treatment) during our discussion of property purchase principles. 

We reveal the property purchase process you need to follow that’s simple, easy, time-effective and low-cost.

And you’ll learn what to do after you’ve secured your investment properties, including what you need to check and when, to ensure you’re performing and on track to meet your lifestyle goals.

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