Realty Talk: Christopher’s Prediction for 2024

This week on Realty Talk, hosts Kevin Turner and Bushy Martin welcome guests Louis Christopher to discuss 2024 property predictions, and Melinda Jennison President of the Real Estate Buyers Association to chat about low barriers to entry into the industry . Enjoy the show!

Realty Talk: An 80-year property journey

This week on Realty Talk, Bushy and Simon Pressley travel through time, exploring the property lessons we can learn from history and historical data, and how can be impacted by them today. Don’t miss this insightful show.

Realty Talk: When your tenants cooks more than dinner

This week on Realty Talk, we dive into the complexities of property investment, where the rising use of substances, notably methamphetamine, presents a concealed threat. Discover the critical considerations, from potential financial pitfalls to the importance of expert insights, as Bushy seeks answers in this enlightening discussion along with guests Rasti Vaibhav and Wayne Johnson.

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