Frequently Asked Questions about property investment, home loans, mortgage broking and more

A Mortgage Broker is essentially your specialist middleman to negotiate the best available lowest cost loan with all of the banks. They work on your behalf to help you qualify for a home loan, whether it be for a new purchase, re-finance or property investment. Your mortgage broker is your expert voice and your conduit to get you the best deal from the banks.
At KnowHow, our brokers are called Finance Architects as we design the best loan solution from over 40 banks and 2,000 loan options to suit your needs. We take away the complexity, confusion & stress and enable you to secure your property safely, affordably, easily and quickly.
They give you good advice, personal attention, save you money and time.
Never underestimate the power of good advice. Uninformed advice, can lead to costly mistakes. Our Finance Architects do so much more than Mortgage Brokers. They are up-to-date with new products and regulations and are your voice to the myriad of banks (in fact over 40 and counting). Did we mention we take away the hassles? We safely guide you safely through the mine field of ever changing housing loan interest rates and shifting finance conditions. We do the homework for you and then make your home loan and home own happen, while you relax in the comfort that everything is under control.

Mortgage brokers are paid commission by the bank you select for your home or investment loan. The important thing is that this does not impact the cost of your loan or rate. Clients at KnowHow pay a nominal administration fee ($495 inc. GST) to support our premium service.

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