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70 percent of property investors in Australia have a one property portfolio. Just 20,000 of Australia’s 2.1 million investors own six or more properties. Why do so many stall, before achieving meaningful success?

While there are a number of reasons, there’s one big one: It is hard to do it alone.

Even if you know about the importance of property investment, and have the ability to get started, it is difficult to find the ongoing time, financial capacity and insight to build and maintain a property portfolio that delivers sustainable growth when you’re a DIY investor.

But when you have an expert property investment strategy, and partner with independent, professional support, you automatically increase your capacity, remove the limitations and start accelerating towards your lifestyle goals. 

You may be surprised how easy it is to get on the right track, instead of becoming another property investor statistic.

What we do for you

Property investment strategy

Property investment doesn’t have to be a headache. With the right strategy, you’ll get back on the pathway towards achieving your dream lifestyle, and excited about the future again.
After going through our proven property investment strategy process, you’ll have fresh clarity on your vision and goals, and will be given the road map to guide you from where you are today, to where you want to be.
You’ll also be given access to the best property experts in town, so you no longer have to try and do it all yourself. 
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Investment finance

Property investment is a game of finance. You simply can’t be successful in property investment if you haven’t unlocked a strategy to maximise your borrowing capacity, optimise your finances and tax, and protect your assets.
And yet, many aspiring property investors are leaving opportunities, gains and growth on the table, simply because they haven’t approached investment finance the right way.
With increasingly complex investment conditions, and hundreds of investment finance options in front of you, it is important for investors to get the right advice and support from the outset, to avoid making costly mistakes or becoming paralysed by indecision.
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You can free up finance, accelerate your investment plans and protect your wealth more effectively simply by refinancing and restructuring your loans.
It is easier than you think. If you haven’t reviewed your mortgages and loans in the last 18 months to two years, you’ll likely be surprised at the possibilities that are available to you.
For many aspiring investors, it just means working with an expert who can review your situation and negotiate with the banks on your behalf. From there, you’ll be much better prepared to start your property investment journey.
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Portfolio facilitation

As we always say, property investment is an elite team sport. You need the right mix of proven property performers, who are well coached and playing to your game plan. You can’t expect to play every role and every position and win!
When your strategy is combined with the right property delivery solution, you’ll not only find that every detail of your portfolio is optimised, but you’ll carry much less stress!
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Freedom Formula Program

On the back of his acclaimed book, The Freedom Formula, award winning property expert and KnowHow founder Bushy Martin has developed a unique program to personally walk you through the process of understanding what it takes to become a successful property investor and living by design.
Suitable for new and experienced investors, find out if you’re ‘ready, willing and able’, and know exactly what step to take next.
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How we work

Our simple 3 step process

Step 1

Develop the strategy

We help you build a property finance strategy, based on your circumstances, goals and dreams.

Step 2

Go to market

We assess 2000+ loan products and options, providing the best-fit recommendations.

Step 3


We handle the entire paperwork and process, and open up our independent property network, if needed, to help you execute on your goals.

How playing the long game paid off for property investors Mitch and Kate.

Client Name: Mitch and Kate

What was their challenge: The couple were active property investors looking to free up finance to support cashflow and continue acquiring properties for their growing portfolio.

The couple have been active in the property market, partnering with KnowHow Property on the purchase of their home, as well as refinancing multiple investment properties.

Solution: After helping the couple secure their (owner occupied) home, we performed six monthly pricing reviews on all properties, looking to optimise and refinance their investment loans as soon as the Loan to Value Ratios (LVR) were at the appropriate levels. This enables us to provide the best property and pricing positions possible.

Result: Playing the long game with our clients over a few years, we carefully optimised the finance on each property, one by one, freeing up cash, and enabling the client to continue to grow towards their property and lifestyle goals.

Can we do the same for you?

We’ve helped 1900+ clients create
$800 million in property wealth.

We’ve helped 1900+ clients create $800 million in property wealth.

Bushy and the KnowHow Property Finance team have looked after my husband and I and our financial needs for a number of years.. they have helped us secure a very attractive package for our investment property loans .. with their knowledge, attention to detail and desire to truly understand our needs meant we secured exactly what we hoped for.

– Sandra P

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