Property negotiator Scott Aggett talks about the power of transparency to unlock opportunity in property and life.

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And as you heard in the previous episode on transparency, Scott has disrupted the property industry by becoming the first dedicated property negotiator to cost effectively help you get the best price for the property you want to buy.

Scott and his Hello Haus team are professional property negotiators who have successfully negotiated over 3,000 property purchases and they charge you a comparatively low fee results based fee to do all of the negotiating on a property that you want to purchase.

And he continues to achieve great results for property buyers. 

Scott and his team save you and other property buyers and sellers money, stress and time with transparent processes that work for you.

Leveraging over two decades of real estate agent experience, and having operated on all sides of property transactions as a vendor, purchaser, agent and investor, Scott understands all sides of the property purchase equation.

Scott gets you exceptional results – and in the process he’s turning the industry on its head.

And it is important to stress from the outset that Scott is not a buyer’s agent, he’s a Professional Property Negotiator.

Now during part 1 of our engaging conversation, you get to learn from Scott’s own property journey that has led to the creation of Hello Haus and his unique property negotiation solution.

In addition to discussing the need for transparency in the property industry, Scott outlines his personal and professional property journey and the learnings that have come from this. He also shares his biggest property mistakes and biggest wins. He raises the interesting concept of backending your life while also sharing his vision to see others thrive in the market. 

He’s an absolute wealth of knowledge about how to strike a deal and what it takes to be successful in property and our great conversation today will get you excited about all of the property buying and negotiating tips, tricks and traps that he shares in detail in the following episode.

Hello Haus:

If you want to get Scott Aggett and his team to assist you in negotiating the best outcome on your next property purchase, reach out to him at www.hellohaus.co

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