Why Are You Investing?

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Let’s talk about your why.

We know we want to get into property, mostly to secure our future. The big questions are
‘Who can I trust to help me get into property?’,
‘Where do I start?’
‘What type of property and where?’.

Everyone you talk to is an expert on the subject. Confusion is the end result.

Want clarity? – you are asking the wrong questions.

You see, you need to understand ‘why’ before you start to look for where, how and what. Your why.

It sounds simple, yet only the 1%’ers will actually map out the lifestyle they want to live, now and by when.  Once you can visualize exactly how you want to live by what date, the rest my friend, is science.

Equipped with a “road map” and the “compass” to get you to your final destination as quickly as possible, making sure you enjoy ‘leisurely stopovers’ along the way.  We call it Living by Design.

Let me share our ‘road map’, our why.  It’s always been about our wanderlist, experiencing new places and people, the ability to work anywhere at anytime, enjoying a fit and healthy lifestyle, indulging in good food and wine, spending time on our passions – music, reading, lazy Sundays and time well spent with family and our paws.

And we know this because we sat down over a bottle of red by a fireplace 16 years ago when we had absolutely nothing and visualized and wrote down how we wanted to live and what we wanted to achieve.

We wrote down a Dear Diary in 10 years time that described exactly what our perfect day, week, month and year looked like. What we were doing with who, when and where. Then we worked out how much this lifestyle would cost per year in today’s dollars. We worked backwards to 5 years and 1 year and 3 months to set goals on how we were going to get there with rental homes as the vehicle to make it all happen.

Every day we are ticking off things from our (growing) list. We do more of what we want to do not what we have to do. The peace of mind and contentment to enjoy today knowing that our tomorrow is safe, secure, under control and happening is liberating.

We feel very lucky that our ‘9 to 5’ is actually spent helping others do exactly what we did for ourselves.  Be a 1%er and get clear on your road map.

Want to join our next one day Living By Design retreat?

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