Why Australia’s property market is ripe for investors

KnowHow founder Bushy Martin says there are huge opportunities ahead for Australia’s property market, despite media hype and hysteria.

In a recent live ‘Bush Bite’ video on Facebook, Bushy Martin revealed a number of positive property insights for would-be investors.

“I firmly believe we are in a window of opportunity, and the reason I say that is not because property values are likely to fall extensively, but because they’re going to look very cheap when we look back in a couple years’ time,” he said.

Despite some media reports forecasting an Australian property bust, Bushy said such predictions have not eventuated.

“Despite all this gloom and doom, both share markets and property markets have been very resilient,” he said.

“If you look back through history, there’s no direct link correlating between the economy and employment, and investment.”

Bushy explained that investments are instead driven by access to credit and the ‘simple facts’ of supply, demand and confidence that people have in what’s happening (otherwise known as your perception of reality).

He said as pandemic restrictions ease we’re seeing limited supply, equal demand and growing confidence from investors, which has put a safety net under property values, with only a 0.4% fall nationally.

“There will be areas that will suffer more than that, but it’s likely to be a temporary exercise, and the perception and level of confidence we have is a strong driver around that … we’re seeing all sorts of indicators that this confidence is returning,” he said.

A key emerging trend in property is a big shift to safety, security and space (or separation).

“This means there’s going to be a shift away from the CBD and capital cities towards areas where the relative safety and security is going to be high, providing there is good infrastructure and good levels of income associated with that. And what that equates to is locations that have good transport access and good technology,” Bushy said.

“There is a big opportunity here for property buyers and investors to start thinking about those sorts of locations where we decentralise. What we’re seeing now is people are looking for some protection and isolation, which means there’s going to be an expansion outward.

“But also, much more attractiveness to regional towns and areas with diverse employment, good transport and good lifestyle factors where people can start remotely.

“We started seeing this change happen over the last couple of years, but the pandemic is absolutely accelerating that.”

For the best property hotspot recommendations across Australia, Bushy pointed to insights from Terry Ryder, Australia’s number one independent real estate analyst.

He said that Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland are particularly two key areas with growing opportunity for property.

Other notable areas include Queenbeyan in ACT, Orange and Albury in NSW, Wodonga, Bendigo and Ballarat in Victoria, Adelaide and Perth.

“Brisbane has been slow to put in infrastructure, which is one of the key drivers of growth. But, as a result of COVID, they’ve brought forward a whole lot of projects that are going to amplify that,” Bushy said.

For those who are looking to position themselves to take advantage of investment opportunities in the Australian property market, Bushy said to get in touch.

Listen to the full Bush Bite video on Facebook below.

Future Property Hotspots

BUSH BITE: What lies ahead for property & where are the property hot spots?

Posted by Bushy Martin on Thursday, 16 July 2020

KnowHow founder Bushy Martin shares regular, live ‘Bush Bite’ videos on his Facebook page sharing tips and tricks to cut costs, boost your savings and take advantage of opportunities in property. Connect with Bushy here.

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