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The mindset you should adopt in a crisis

Faith, hope and a positive mindset will help you successfully take action and navigate through a crisis, says leadership expert Conor Neill.

The highly sought-after educator, advisor and international keynote speaker has come to this approach and thought process having been through his own challenging experiences across his lifetime.

Conor told Bushy Martin on the Get Invested podcast that in radical times like these, we should focus on the changes we need to make.

“Instead of questioning ‘why is this obstacle being put in my way?’, the question becomes ‘what needs to change in me? What resources do I need to develop in order to grow through this obstacle and get to the other side? What am I learning from this?”” he said.

Conor has founded six companies, generated more than 10 million euros in sales and successfully invested in start-ups. However, his life hasn’t been without great financial struggles.

His experiences are not unlike the challenges facing millions today, as COVID-19 continues to financially impact investors, business owners, families and more.

He says the three most important lessons he took from his struggles were faith, hope and love, which now serve as a compass for the way he lives and how he makes decisions to create long-term sustainable success.

“Faith is everything that is happening is happening for a reason … there is a reason why each of the people listening to this podcast right now are facing the set of challenges that they have in their life,” Conor said.

“Hope is that action changes the future. Thinking about something doesn’t change the future. Only action changes the future.

“So often in our life as human beings, we stay intent and we don’t turn intent to action. We intend to buy an investment property. We intend to check out whether we could improve the mortgage conditions. But that just stays at intent.

“For me, hope is that intent is never enough. What matters is action changes the future … And no matter where you are, no matter how much you’re struggling, no matter how bad it feels, there is always an action you can take now that changes the whole trajectory of your future.

“We’re never powerless as human beings to respond to the world in front of us. And love is that. I never ask questions of myself that have me at the centre. Love is fundamentally putting other people at the centre of the questions that you ask yourself in your head.”

Conor addressed one of the major fears currently circulating, which derives from uncertainty over financial futures and the inability to fulfill previous plans. However, he says that changing your expectations can make way for new, previously unimaginable growth and possibilities.

“The fear is real because it is stopping you living the life that you are planning … It’s stopping you having the income that you had planned. It’s stopping you building the business that you had planned,” he said.

“Sometimes the universe has greater ideas for you than you could have for yourself. If you can let go of your expectations of the life that you were going to live and open to the possibility of what can come.

“And sometimes an external crisis is what’s needed … and in that crisis, you are going to plant seeds that mean your life after this is going to be strong, better and you have a chance of rebuilding it.”

It’s a tough journey everybody faces, but Conor explains that by starting your day with gratitude and focusing on what you can do today, rather than worrying about what might happen tomorrow, you will be able to achieve great results.

“If everyone started that way, we’ll become consciously aware. And instead of reacting to the days, the chances that we’ll start to proactively put our own attitude into the world will be greater,” he said.

“The only way I leave a legacy that is truly dignified is by ensuring that every morning I wake up motivated to continue being with the people that I’m around, to continue doing the activities that are core to the business, to having the conversations with the people that have resources that I want to engage with.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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