How investing in the right tools leads to success

Ben Tripodi says investing in the right tools is key to measuring your success and achieving your personal and financial goals.

Ben has dedicated his life to high performance, as a former athlete and now the CEO and Founder of two startups, Lumin Sports and Hoap. Lumin helps elite sports teams and athletes monitor wellbeing and performance, while Hoap does the same for corporate organisations.

Ben told Bushy Martin on the Get Invested podcast that investing in the right tools and knowing your metrics leads to efficient decision-making and optimisation, especially for leaders.

“[With Hoap] we look after the employees wellbeing and show [the results] to teams so they can improve different departments. They understand what’s going on, why some teams have more stress than others, and try to catch things before they become big issues,” he said.

“Then we look at how do we make those leaders actually be great leaders by feeding them the data at the exact time so they can make a decision and actually do good in the workplace. So [a person] may be trending low for a particular wellbeing metric, and this smart ecosystem alerts leaders to say, ‘hey we think you should have a conversation with this person, here’s how you should do it’. And we almost give them the skill set and make it as easy for them as possible. Then, it creates a conversation where all these issues come out of it and then they can make actual change.”

Through his journey, Ben has discovered that managing your own wellbeing will lead to greater performance from not just yourself, but your team.

“One thing we’ve learned is that the world’s highest performing teams have the most well individuals in their teams. They have individuals who have high wellbeing and are very self-aware. They know when they need to have rests, they know when they can push hard, and they are also resilient,” Ben said.

“To be happier or to be more joyful is actually to perform better in your everyday life, not just as an employee, but in every aspect of your life.”

But one of the most important assets of all is your network, and Ben said he regularly steps out of his comfort zone to build new connections.

“I’m no hero, I still get scared, I still feel like a bit embarrassed if they were angry by me reaching out. But then I always come back to the idea that I’m not defined by what they think of me,” Ben said.

“The worst that can happen is they say no and then I’m in the same position I was in before I even thought about sending (the email). So for me, I’ve never understood why people wouldn’t reach out. It is scary, like cold calling people is really scary, but you do it a couple of times and you can take rejection and it doesn’t really matter.”

Ben also shared the importance of being open about your goals and ideas in order to gain support from others.

“Tell everyone about your goals and ambitions, because everyone’s too busy with their own stuff to care about stealing anything that you’ve said. But most of the time you’ll find that if you talk about your ambitions and your goals, firstly it keeps you accountable. But people want to help and they actually will go, ‘oh that’s kind of cool, I’ll help you with that’,” he said.

“And then you get this galvanisation of momentum behind you because people are supporting you. So when you tell everyone everything you want to achieve, you’re opening yourself up to the people to help you achieve that.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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