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Talking Trading Podcast, Part 1: The vitamins for wealth

KnowHow founder Bushy Martin joined the Talking Trading podcast to talk about creating sustainable wealth to support your dream lifestyle.

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Episode notes:

At 6.25 mins Bushy talks about his “Freedom Formula” which are 8 key principles for investment success, he calls them the “preventative wealth diet.”

8.05 mins hear how sustainable success is the intersection of self, health and wealth, and how creating wealth is about giving yourself lots of TLC – time, leverage, compounding and developing TLC – trust loyalty and confidence.

12 mins Bushy talks about the preventative health VITAMINS how they have been the golden rules to his wealth creation:

VITAMINS = Value, Interest, Time, Affordability, Mindset, Income, Network, Strategy.

You will love Bushy’s anachronym’s and what they stand for to build your wealth by stealth and create passive income.

Listen to part 2 now.

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