How to lead a high-performing team

Workplace expert and award-winning author Michelle Gibbings says the key to successful leadership is making the effort to understand yourself and the people around you.

brad symes invest podcast

How an elite athlete learned to invest, financially and personally

There are many sad stories of sports stars squandering their big pay packets and failing to transition from sport to the real world. But this was not the case for Brad Symes, who finished his AFL career on a pathway to success as a financial advisor and a bag full of life lessons. Brad played …

How an elite athlete learned to invest, financially and personally Read More »

mark bickley podcast

Finding success when you’re not a super star

Mark Bickley was an AFL captain who led his team to two premierships in a row, and went on to become a South Australian legend. But he was never the most talented athlete on the team.

greg moulton podcast

How to build winning teams and manage egos

Greg Moulton knows a thing or two about the recipe for a winning team. A highly regarded leadership consultant, Greg has worked with top performers in real estate, business and elite sport, learning that success is about much more than natural ability.

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