Kevin Brogan

Realty Talk: What you get for $700K – The quest for property success

Joining us on Realty Talk for the second week in a row is Kevin Brogan of Herron Todd White who takes us through what a lazy $700k can buy you in today’s rapidly rising market around Australia. We are also joined on this episode by Jordan de Jong from Gameplans and Goose McGrath from Dashdot Buyer’s Agents to talk with host Bushy Martin around clarifying your property strategy and accelerating your portfolio.

Realty Talk: Time to check the property pulse + Dump it or dig in?

Loaded with insightful content on the current state of the property marketing in Australia is this week’s episode of Realty Talk. Our host, KnowHow’s Bushy Martin interviews expert guests including Kevin Brogan of Herron Todd White, Lachlan Vidler from The Atlas Group Buyers Agents and Marcus Roberts from Brighter Finance. Topics of discussion range from the impact of ‘behavioural fatigue’ on the property market, the rapid rise in home values and the implications thereof, and other timely property insights with a few words of warning.

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