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Realty Talk: Would you build townhouses in Melbourne? + A time to tread water?

This week on Realty Talk host Bushy Martin and our guests discuss everything from indecision in the property market arising from Covid lockdowns to investing in commercial property and why one of our guests Brett Birkill chose Melbourne as the location to develop townhouses. Other guests on today’s show include buyers agents Lachlan Vidler and Steve Palise.

Realty Talk: Hi Vis to Hi Value Investment + Long Term Decisions on Short Term Info

On this week’s Episode of Realty Talk, host Bushy Martin talks to entrepreneur-turned-property-investor Brett Birkill, founder of Prime Mover Workwear about his fascinating business journey, as well as Josh Masters who shares timely wisdom about how investors like you and I can use data trends to make informed, long term, investment decisions.

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