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Are you ready for the South Australian property opportunity?

KnowHow founder Bushy Martin writes about why South Australia’s property market is about to go to new levels, and what it means for you.

If you were following mainstream news at the start of the global pandemic, you would’ve been seeing many media commentators and some economists piling on to the doomsday narrative of a ‘looming property market collapse’.

This wasn’t surprising. The ‘end of days’ property prophecies have been coming for years.

But they’ve all gone unfulfilled, and the same will be said of the dark COVID-19 predictions.

Not only are year to date figures showing increases or minor dips for property values across Australian cities, we’re actually about to enter an exciting period of growth!

Here’s why:

Property is a game of finance, not economics.

During the recession of the 90s and dot com bubble of the early 2000s, property values either remained stable or rose. The only time property values fall is when access to credit and borrowing is tightened, through tough lending restrictions. 

And this is where we’re at, right now. Finance has never been cheaper, yet never harder to get. Record low interest rates don’t mean much if you can’t get access to credit! 

But this is all about to change.

The lid is about to be taken off property finance. 

The Federal Government realised that the flow of credit has been log jammed, and has moved to relax lending laws from March 2021.

The responsibility to prove financial capacity, and the ability to service the loan, will be on the borrower instead of the bank. 

Contrary to some opinions, this is a good thing. To this point, we’ve seen banking bureaucrats pouring through borrower statements trying to assess a person’s financial situation with no context or insight – and as a result, the whole system has become blocked. 

From March, borrowers will be able to have more control over their own destiny and, with good advice, can use finance to set themselves up to live by design. 

What this means for you. 

This move will unlock an extra $100,000 in borrowing capacity for the average potential homeowner.

The finance process will accelerate. Property market activity will increase. Prices will rise, but even so, what you pay for a property in 2021 will look cheap in hindsight! 

So if you’ve been thinking about property investment, helping the kids get their first home or upgrading your home, your world is about to open up.

If you fall into any of the above categories, it is time to get proactive. Kick start your property plans as soon as possible, and talk to an independent property investment adviser and experienced property finance expert about what this window of opportunity means for you.

I wrote more about the state of play in South Australian property in an article for InDaily, which you can read here.

How to take action.

You need to get empowered and equipped. You can do this by:

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