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Podcast: Simon Pressley on how to make smart property investment decisions

In the world of property investment, Simon Pressley is like a doctor – he’s one of those rare independent, impartial experts.

Simon’s a property market analyst, a buyer’s agent and an accredited property advisor. He’s the MD of Propertyology and a three-time Australian Buyer’s Agent of the Year.

Simon is passionate about helping you build a more sustainable lifestyle by making astute property investment decisions.

He’s a strong lateral thinker and like many investment greats, spends hours a day studying property economics across Australia.

Simon is an expert in your corner and a contrarian. He doesn’t go with what is common or popular, or what supports preconceived ideas, biases or self interest agendas, he goes on what his deep research analysis is telling him is good for property investors.

He focusses on future indicators of growth, not past history – in lead indicators not lag indicators – in other words, he’s learnt to focus on what really matters, and interestingly a lot of this is contrary to popular opinion – and experience has shown that its often the contrarians that are successful long term. Just look at the world’s greatest living investor Warren Buffet as another example of someone who bucks the trends to produce outstanding sustainable results.

So in our broad ranging discussion today, Simon answers all of your key questions when it comes to investing in property:

– What information should you rely on and what information is misleading?
– What really drives property growth?
– What is likely to happen with property values in the short, medium term and long term?
– Where are the best places to invest?
– And why use a buyer’s agent to find and negotiate the purchase of the best property to suit you?

And in a Get Invested scoop, Simon gives us his first exclusive glimpse of his upcoming property report on where the best property growth zones will be around Australia, state by state – and you may be surprised on his predictions, so make sure you tune in on this.

And If you want to get a free copy of this report, just email me and I’ll forward you a copy, along with some other goodies.

If you like what you hear from Simon today, I strongly recommend that you sign up here to get his free regular insight reports on all things property investment – I’ve been reading them for years and they’re full of investment gold.

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