Realty Talk: Misconceptions of auction + Property population impacts + Property data direction + Positive cash flow

As we kickstart another year of Realty Talk episodes, we begin with the 3 P’s of property with guests Cate Bakos, Pete Wargent, Mickael Roger and Steve McKnight with host, Bushy Martin and founder, Kevin Turner.

Show founder Kevin Turner begins the first episode of the year by finalising our 8-part special Auction summer series featuring Cate Bakos. In this segment, Cate unpacks the common misconceptions about auctions.

What are the current impacts of population on property? Joining host Bushy Martin to do a deep dive into this topic is Pete Wargent.

Prop Hero’s Mickael Roger joins us next to slice through our inbuilt bias and ‘gut feel’ guesses with Prop Heroes sophisticated AI. He also unveils the property threats and opportunities that are available up ahead.

To end off the first show of the year on a high note, we welcome investor legend and author of the new best seller “Money Magnet” Steve McKnight, who reveals cash flow positive property benefits and opportunities. 

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