Realty Talk: AI will transform property transactions

This week on Realty Talk, host and founder of KnowHow Property Bushy Martin is joined by guest Kylie Davis, a leading authority on the Australian proptech landscape, to chat about how AI is disrupting and transforming the property industry. Enjoy the show!

Amidst all the buzz about AI (Artificial Intelligence), it’s worth noting that the real estate buying and selling process has seen little change in nearly four decades, dating back to the advent of the internet. However, AI is poised to revolutionize this space. Kylie Davis, a prominent figure in Australian proptech and the founder of the Proptech Association of Australia, is at the forefront of this transformation. The property industry, long due for a modernization, is on the cusp of a significant upgrade. It’s inevitable – AI will have a notable impact on the real estate sector, affecting both buyers and sellers. Our sponsor, Realty.com.au, has just introduced an AI-powered Discovery Search this week, promising to reshape how we discover our dream homes. Stay tuned for more on Realty’s groundbreaking Discovery Search next week

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