Press Release: Bushy Martin Named One of the Top Ten Property Specialists in Australia


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Bushy Martin Named One of the Top Ten Property Specialists in Australia


AUSTRALIA, Jun. 30, 2017 /Amplify – Bushy Martin of KH Group (http://www.knowhowproperty.com.au) has been named one of the top ten property specialists in Australia by The Property Investor Magazine.

‘I am very honoured and humbled to be listed in such esteemed company,’ Bushy says of entering the list. ‘It is a welcome recognition of the 35 years of hard work I have put into helping Australians achieve their goals through property.’

Bushy is the founder of KNOW:HOW Property Finance Strategy, one of Australia’s leading group of property investment strategists. He is a sought-after speaker and author who shares his experience and knowledge on property investment. Bushy has built an international property portfolio in addition to his MBA studies. Bushy’s unique combination of qualifications includes architecture, project management, financial services, land agent’s license and property management.

Bushy’s years of service to the industry have helped over 1,700 time poor professionals secure over $550M in property to improve their lifestyle, and replace their income safely, easily and affordably.

Bushy’s three top tips for people wondering about property investment:

  1. Property investment is more about regaining your time so you can do what you want when you want rather than being about property or money
  2. Property investment is a game of finance
  3. If your property investment is structured in the right way, it is the safest most affordable way to be able to live more and work less, and you don’t need to compromise or sacrifice your lifestyle in the meantime

‘Many years ago, I used to be one of the many time poor hardworking professionals trapped on the treadmill who could never see an end to working harder and harder just to maintain my lifestyle,’ Bushy says. ‘I mistakenly believed the myth that all I had to do was work hard, pay off my home loan and my super would fund my bucket list when I retired.’

Bushy says property investment is the safest and most affordable way to regain your time and your freedom, giving you the choice to live more and work less by replacing your income through property. For Australians thinking of investing, Bushy says that ‘your lifestyle won’t be compromised when you invest in property if you do it properly’.


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