Podcast: Real Estate Talk – Mental health, COVID landlord insurance, property fact and fiction

Today’s episode aims to give you more food for thought on how to think, reduce your risk and identify emerging opportunities.

We do this through recent interviews which Bushy Martin has hosted on Australia’s most popular and longest running property podcast sitting in for Kevin Turner on the Real Estate Talk show – you can watch in full and get answers to all of your property questions from all of the industry leaders here: https://channels.realty.com.au/realestatetalk/

So enjoy these thought provoking chats with Jaemin Frazer on the importance of your mental wealth, then a discussion on the positive impacts on property flowing from the Treasurer’s decision to relax lending laws, as Sharon Fox Slater, the MD of EBM Rentcover reveals the importance of reducing risk through specialised landlord insurance which has suffered a number of post-COVID changes. Then to conclude, Terry Ryder of hotspotting.com.au opens your ears to the opportunities flowing from the emerging trends in property.

Listen to the full interview here.

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