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Podcast: Prof. Mark Crosby on where are we heading?

What does Australia’s economic future look like? How will the pandemic, China and other global issues impact Australian investors? 

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Joining us to talk about these issues and many more from the intersection of politics and economics is Professor Mark Crosby.

Mark is an applied international macroeconomist and celebrated academic. He’s currently Professor at Monash Business School where he is part of the University’s leadership and executive education team, and the Director of International Business. 

He’s also a Hibberd Lecturer at Melbourne Business School, where he spent 19 years before joining Monash in 2016, and has also worked as an academic at the University of New South Wales and University of Toronto, as well as a Research Officer at the Australian Treasury in Canberra.

His academic interests are in international macroeconomics, with particular interest in policy issues in the Australian and Asian regions, including a lot of work on China given its major impact on our local economy. His research has focused on topics such as  the role of exchange rates in affecting macroeconomic fluctuations, the impact of macroeconomic factors on election outcomes, and the properties of business cycles. 

He also consults widely to business and government both in Australia and overseas, including the Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 

His most recent consultancies have examined policies for diversifying Brunei’s economy, and policy issues related to South Africa’s increasing current account deficit.

Mark is also a regular contributor to the Australian Financial Review and The Age newspapers, and he is a sought after public speaker on matters relating to the macroeconomy.

I was recently privileged to enjoy a presentation by Mark on the future of the Australian economy and its impact on housing and financial markets, which has proved to be very insightful and our discussion today will give you all of the key trends that you need to be aware of in order to make fully informed decisions in the interesting times ahead.

In this very enlightening conversation today, Mark shares:

What international macroeconomic policy issues are likely to have the most impact on Australia moving forward.

What impact China’s policy changes are likely to have on our economy.

He talks about whether the current strength in the economy will last.

He outlines the biggest economic risks that need to be considered that are likely to impact on property and investment markets.

He outlines the economic drivers of our property market cycles. 

He runs through What have we learned from the pandemic and what we should be doing about it.

We discuss the impact of immigration on property prices and what’s likely to happen with property when international borders are reopened. 

He gives us his read on central banks approaches to asset prices and potential interventions moving forward.

And given current booming conditions for good properties across the country, he outlines what he believes is likely to happen with property in the short to medium term, and where are the opportunities (and risks).

This is a great conversation that will improve your understanding of complex global interdependencies and will help you to make good sound investment decisions moving forward.

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Listen to the episode here.

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