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Podcast – Part 2: Deniz Yusuf on property management

Building on our previous episodes on property management, expert Deniz Yusuf joins us again to complete his conversation, talking about good management to protect your properties.

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Building on our previous episodes on property management, expert Deniz Yusuf joins us again to complete his conversation, talking about good management to protect your properties.

If you’ve been tuning in the last couple of weeks, you’ll already appreciate how critical property management is to your success as a property investor.

So now we conclude the series with Part 2 of my interview with Deniz Yusuf, a proven industry professional who has achieved great things himself and is now an inspirational property management trainer and coach through his Inspired Growth Training and BDM Coaching programs.

To reinforce his property management credentials, Deniz is an internationally recognised consultant who now coaches, trains, mentors and presents to property managers and agents across Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Deniz and his partners train well over 200 real estate offices globally through their Inspired Growth Training Inner Circle Membership platform.

His focus is now helping property management offices to grow their businesses by creating superior client experiences, and mentoring property managers to become market leaders in their area.

So in the concluding Part 2 of our chat, Deniz reveals his best tips and tricks when it comes to selecting a property manager and ensuring your property is protected, including:

What are the keys to successful property management

What differentiates a good property manager from an average one

What should property investors look for when they select a property manager

What are some of the ‘tough love’ things Property Managers need to say to landlords

Plus a bunch of other property management gold

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