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Podcast, Part 2: Arjun Paliwal on the habits of success

What is your retirement strategy? Financial and property expert Arjun Paliwal talks about how to convert investments for your ideal retirement.

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As I alluded to in the previous episode, part 1 of my illuminating conversation with Arjun Paliwal, this week we’re going to dig into the subject of how to convert your investment nest egg into a tax effective passive income when you reduce or stop work, so that you can attain and maintain your ideal lifestyle long term, and leave a legacy for your family.

This is what we are going to open your ears to in this episode – and it is likely to surprise you and hopefully wake you up and shake you up to what you need to do now in order to continue enjoying your life later.

We deep dive on:

The importance of developing a fantastic worst case.

Why removing our labels and bias around data creates opportunity.

He breaks down his AOC – Acquire, Optimise, Consolidate approach to building wealth.

We look at the impact of separating cause and effect in property.

And we break down the Big Effect data points that Property Nerds have developed that provides you with a unique advantage to discover future high performing property locations. 

As you’ll remember from last episode, on top of being a successful property investor, Arjun is an accomplished property expert. He’s the founder of InvestorKit, a leading residential and commercial investment property buyers agency that specialises in helping people find and secure rare positive cashflow investments that can put money back in your pocket with an added upside for capital growth. 

He’s also co-founder of The Property Nerds, a new company that gives you the right data to grow profitable property portfolios. 

And through these platforms, Arjun shares our aims of helping you grow wealth without any major compromise in your lifestyle.

Arjun and I are both cut from the same cloth … our mission is to educate and support you to grow passive income through investing in property.

We aim to help you get your money, mindset and your investments right so you can enjoy your ideal lifestyle.

Now I need to stress, as always, that nothing discussed here on Get Invested is intended as financial advice in any way shape or form as it is our general information from our own experience and that you need to seek out independent guidance from an accountant and/or financial advisor before investing to ensure that your personal situation, needs and risk appetite are properly accommodated.

Savings and investment freebies and offers

If you want find the hidden growth suburbs and scale towards a $3M+ portfolio like Arjun has personally amassed in a short period of time, then jump on campaign.investorkit.com.au/free-ebook to grab Investor Kit’s ebook, where you’ll discover the secret market indicators that Arjun uses to reliably uncover bargain positive cashflow investment properties with enormous growth potential.

And if you are looking for loads of free data, content and reports to better inform your investment property search, go to www.thepropertynerds.com.au – their Market Index Report is a great start that gives you a snapshot on property market trends and forecasts for every State and Region around Australia.

And of course, if the information I’m sharing from my book The Freedom Formula draws your interest and you want the full step by step guide to achieve your financial freedom through property, just jump on www.bushymartin.com.au/books where you can get it direct … and if you want Get Invested the book for free, just head here: https://knowhowproperty.com.au/get-invested-free-ebook

And if you want to hear more from Arjun and all of Australia’s leading property investors and independent professionals, join me and the other 120,000+ regular listeners every week as I host the country’s most popular and longest running property show Realty Talk: channels.realty.com.au/realtytalk

And if you’re ready to find out how property investment can support your growth goals and create the life you were meant to live, or to improve on your current property portfolio so that it is working much better for you, feel free to join me live on our unique KnowHow Property Freedom Flight program, where I’ll personally guide you through my proven process for property investment success. 

To book your ticket or find out more, click here https://knowhowproperty.com.au/freedom-fighters.

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