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Podcast: Part 1 – Rasti Vaibhav on your property wealth blueprint

Rasti Vaibhav is one of those rare investors and property professionals with a passion for waking you up and shaking you up to the need to start living by design, not by default – to live with intent by beginning with the end in mind so that you’re making it happen not letting it happen.

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Rasti has a wisdom beyond his years because of the enormous responsibility that was thrust upon him from an early age. As you’ll hear in Rasti’s vulnerable discussion today, his father died suddenly from an unexpected cardiac arrest when he was still in high school.

As an only son, at a very tender age, overnight Rasti took on the responsibility of supporting his family, including his mother and sisters. During that tough time, he found solace in books, which helped him understand that informed decisions are based on accurate insights. Together this instilled in Rasti a level of wisdom that few hold.

And this unfortunate early tragedy also fuelled the fires of Rasti’s incredible unwavering work ethic that has seen him achieve great things in a fraction of the time of many other mere mortals. 

Rasti invested heavily in his education, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Architecture, a Masters degree in Computer Science, an MBA and the coveted Chartered Financial Analyst (or CFA) qualification. Since CFA is one of the best qualifications available in the investment management world, it secured him a fund manager’s role with one of the ‘Big 4’ banks where he directly managed over $2 Billion in investments that paved the way for developing his own property portfolio.

As a result, he built his positively geared multimillion-dollar portfolio in less than seven years, allowing him to quit his nine-to-five job to pursue his passion for helping others; as an advisor and author of The Property Wealth Blueprint, Rasti guides you to replicate his personal success and inspires you to follow your passions. 

He is now one of Australia’s ‘go-to’ property portfolio strategists and has revolutionised the way aspiring Australians build multimillion-dollar real estate portfolios. As a self-made robust portfolio owner, Rasti uses his unique property wealth blueprint that we outline during our conversation, which combines strategic diversification and sharp negotiation skills to identify ideal opportunities tailored to your unique circumstances.

Rasti’s mission is to educate and empower you and many others across the country to become successful property investors. To do this, Rasti is a licensed independent buyer’s agent. He is now the founder and Managing Director of Get RARE Properties, which deals in properties across Australia.

Rasti is a firm believer in giving back to the community in whatever way he can. Once we have fulfilled our basic needs and wants to an extent, we have the time to achieve our larger purposes. And Supporting a worthy cause or charity enriches Rasti in ways money alone can never do.

Interestingly and very appropriately, Rasti’s name Vaibhav means “moral,” “ethical,”abundance” and the “right path” in Sanskrit, which sums him up perfectly.

And to capture the heart and soul of Rasti’s message, we’ve split our conversation into 2 parts. This week we begin with a deep dive into Rasti’s life story together with a focus on the importance of your strategy blueprint. Next week we’ll continue our great chat by drilling into the aspect that many investors fail to consider properly, and that’s the subject of risk management.

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