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Podcast: Jeremy Goldschmidt on investing in RentBetter

Jeremy Goldschmidt reveals DIY property management insights for investors.

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Somewhere between 400,000 and 660,000 Aussie property investor landlords manage their own properties. This is great while everything is fine, until suddenly, it’s not.

Because it is not a matter of if you’re going to have problems with your investment properties, it’s a matter of when, how big and how often. 

There’s a good reason why over half of first time investors sell their property within the first five years, and a lot of this has to do with the ongoing, time consuming and life sucking headache and hassles of managing the property.

And when it comes to property management, often you just don’t know what you don’t know – and ignorance is certainly not bliss – in fact it is downright dangerous!

With residential tenancies legislation in each and every state differing, constantly changing and increasingly stacked in the favour of the rights of the tenants, how can you control the property, protect yourself and minimise the risks without giving yourself a second job?

Many, like myself, have traditionally responded by deferring to professional property managers, but this can be hit and miss, so what if there’s a way you can still do it all yourself, providing you have the time, the knowledge and the inclination?

This is where the RentBetter platform now comes to your rescue, and to explore this and dive into the world of DIY property management, we’re joined by the Founder & CEO of RentBetter Jeremy Goldschmidt.


1. DIY Self property management platform https://rentbetter.com.au/ 

Two core offering enabling landlords to find tenants and manage their own properties.

A. Finding a tenant includes advertising on the major property sites, handling enquiries and applications, running tenant checks and creating lease agreements.

B. Managing a property includes the ability to collect, track and receipt rental payments and expenses, handle tenant bills and maintenance, as well as offering reports and statements for tax time (or any time).

2. DIY Property self-management ebook – If you have the time and knowledge and you’re interested in investigating self management of your rental properties and want to learn more, have a read of Jeremy’s ebook: https://services-2.rentbetter.com.au/v2/files/ebook.pdf 

3. To find out more about self property management workshop series called ‘The Path to Managing Your Own Rental Property’ and landlords can register here – https://rentbetter.com.au/register/ there are some free resources (pricing report, ebook, switch from agent kit) available at https://rentbetter.com.au/

Hour of power with Bushy:

If you’d like an hour of power to talk with me personally on any questions, queries or issues you’d like to discuss about your investment strategy, finance or property portfolio delivery, whether you’re an aspiring investor or an experienced investor with a substantial property portfolio, just go here https://knowhowproperty.com.au/contact-us then click on the ‘Lets Zoom, DeepDive Meeting with Bushy’ 1 hour  option to book in your preferred time. For a small investment of just $295 you can ask me anything you want about property for a full 60 minutes. 

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