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Podcast: Godfrey Dinh on investing in Futurerent

One of the biggest barriers to growth for property investors is access to cash. So if you’re out of savings, equity or ideas, what can you do? Our guest Godfrey Dinh shares his insights.

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If you’re an investor who wants to build your portfolio but have hit a cash wall, you could start saving furiously by living on a budget of baked beans and dog food … but this is likely to take years unless you’re getting large lumpy and consistent bonuses.

You can wait for your existing properties to go up in value sufficiently to create the equity deposit, but this generally takes years as well.

You can roll the dice and investigate the time and headache of refinancing with the possibility that another lender’s valuation will come in higher and give you enough equity for your next deposit.

Or there’s risky loans from family or friends, expensive personal loans or selling one of your existing properties, but all of these strategies are fraught with danger. So what do you do?

This is where Godfrey Dinh and his disruptive industry innovation of Futurerent comes in.

Godfrey’s an experienced property investor on a mission to revolutionise residential rent. He has over 15 years’ experience in property investment and finance professionally and personally, for organisations such as Deutsche Bank and Investec, as well as buying and selling his own investment properties in Australia and the USA, which led him to create Futurerent.

So what is Futurerent? Futurerent gives you, as a property investor, your rent in advance – giving you access to up to $100,000 for each rental property you own fast and simply, to help purchase another property. Or you can access up to one year of rent in advance if you’re looking to renovate your home or investment property, invest in a business or buy shares. 

Created specifically for property investors, Futurerent is a loan free financing solution with no interest, no hidden fees and no credit impact – and you can access the money in just two business days! 

Godfrey and his team have cut out all of the typical drawbacks of traditional finance as they simply provide investors with access to their rent in advance, rather than have to jump through all of the hoops while being a contortionist to lend money. 

And the good news is that you still receive ongoing rental income through the term and you have the ability to pause installments if your tenant vacates and stops paying rent.

So if you’re a property investor who is looking for quick and easy access to equity funds to secure your next property or for other worthwhile purposes, check out www.futurerent.com.au.

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Realty Talk

And if you want to hear more from Godfrey along with all of Australia’s leading property investors and independent professionals, join me and the other 120,000 regular listeners every week as I anchor host the country’s most popular and longest running property show Realty Talk.

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