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Podcast: Darren Kingdon on how super is Super?

Is your super setting you up for retirement? Most Australians are unaware about the state of their super, and the harsh reality that it is unlikely to cover your lifestyle when you stop working.

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According to the most recent ABS figures, over 73% of Aussies over the age of 65 are surviving on an average of just $15,300 per year – just $295 per week. 

But as you’ll hear from superannuation specialist Darren Kingdon, it’s possible to master your super fund and put yourself on the path to financial peace of mind and well being.

But for many people, superannuation is just too complicated and full of rules and regulations, which makes you feel like you need a degree in super, tax, law and politics just to have a basic understanding of your super and how to play the game.

Darren is on a mission to help financially educate you to take more control of your super. Because it’s your money and you’ve got a vested interest to do well – and the quality of your retirement lifestyle depends on it!

Darren is a nationally recognised superannuation expert with over 25 years industry experience. He’s also the author of his new book Master Your Super … I’ve read it, it’s a very easy read on what can be a dry subject, and it’s one of the few great resources for aspiring SMSF investors.

You can find out more about the book and grab yourself a copy with a 20% special Get Invested discount by going to www.masteryoursuper.com.au. And on the order summary page enter ‘Bushy20‘ in the discount code section, click apply and the 20% discount will be applied – but get in quick as this discount is only for a limited time. 

In our enlightening chat, Darren opens your ears and eyes to:

The challenges and dangers of some institutional super funds.

The risks of some managed funds and so called balanced funds.

He tells an interesting story about Buffet’s bet.

He outlines the portfolios of the masters. 

He reveals the benefits of an all weather investment portfolio that covers all four economic seasons.

And we have a great discussion on the ins, outs and benefits of self managed super funds or SMSFs and how best to optimise them.

There’s an absolute treasure trove of information shared by Darren on the sleeping giant of super so here is your chance to get yourself up to speed.

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And of course, I need to stress that nothing that we talk about here on Get Invested is intended as financial advice and we suggest you seek out independent professionals to address what is right for you and your situation. 

Listen to the episode here.

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