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Podcast: Ben Tripodi invests in measuring what matters

To be successful in any field, we need to know what critical key results to measure, and how to do it. How do we make sense of data to define and track our key measures? 

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This is where our guest Ben Tripodi comes in.

Ben is the CEO and Founder of the rapidly successful startups Lumin Sports & Hoap. Hoap (H.O.A.P) stands for human optimisation and performance. 

Working closely alongside global professional sporting teams as well as large private corporations, Ben’s Lumin Sports and Hoap personal wellness teams specialise in utilising big data and machine learning to revolutionise the way professional sporting teams monitor elite athletes as well as corporations monitor all team members dynamically and instantly to inform and improve wellness, health, performance, leadership and decision making.

Lumin Sports’ Arc product is a sophisticated Data Visualisation Tool that replaces old and outdated Athlete Management Systems. 

Lumin Sports collaborates with professional sporting teams to give every decision-maker the tools to interpret masses of complex team data.

For a young start up business, Lumin boasts an impressive client list including World Tour cycling teams, AFL teams, Olympic programs and elite US NCAA Division 1 football teams.

In a similar but broader based corporate fashion, Hoap leverages big data and machine learning to provide effective physical, mental and emotional performance tools for you and your business of today, to ensure that you become your best selves tomorrow.

As software designed for the modern workforce, Hoap is pioneering ‘Performance Wellbeing’ for teams and organisations of all sizes. 

And Hoap is the first tool to quantify wellbeing for leaders and to educate everyone to be their best selves.

These elite sport and organisational tools allow you to measure the right things rather than just what you can measure, so that all of the dynamic data points can be combined quickly and easily to help you make better and faster decisions and benchmark your key results on the way to achieving your goals objectives.

In this great conversation today, Ben unpacks:

Human performance and data visualisation tools.

How to achieve peak performance and the importance of measurement.

The challenges and risks of start ups and what they entail.

His relationship with money and how he embraced investing at a very young age.

His lifestyle vision and how he is investing to make it happen.

How he is consistently able to overcome any fear of rejection, to approach anyone, regardless of their power or position, to garner their support.

How COVID totally disrupted his Lumin business and how he was able to pivot very quickly to leverage his sophisticated big data insights tools from elite sport to the world of corporate business, leading to the founding of Hoap.

How everything that Ben and his team does revolves around and supports peak performance and goal achievement by feeding into your OKRs, or Objectives and Key Results, by measuring what matters and giving you the ability to do this quickly and easily.

Find out more.

Lumin & Hoap: To find out more about how Lumin Sports or Hoap can help you and your organisation achieve superior results, check them out at www.luminsports.com or www.hoap.com.

Your Vision, Objectives and Key Results (OKR’s): If you’d like some feedback on your vision and its OKR’s, feel free to email them to me at [email protected]

Freedom Flight Test and RAW Report: if you want to apply the OKR approach to investing in order to achieve and fund your ideal lifestyle goals, join me to complete your Freedom Flight Test and Ready, Able & Willing RAW Report test that will help you quantify where you are at, where you want to be, what is the gap and what is your ability and best way of bridging it.

It provides you with a GPS and roadmap to ensure that what you are doing today is moving you towards your ideal lifestyle.

To book your ticket or to find out more, just click here.

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