How meditation leads to high performance

Nico DiMattina says meditation facilitates high performance through providing greater clarity, self-awareness and purpose.

As a meditation teacher, self-mastery coach and corporate wellness facilitator, Nico DiMattina has great insight into the power of meditation.

He joined KnowHow founder Bushy Martin on the Get Invested podcast to encourage listeners to build their own daily meditation practices in order to unlock their full potential and achieve success.

Nico has experienced first-hand the struggles of poor lifestyle habits, stress, constantly being on the go and pushing hard to achieve his goals. However, since embracing meditation, he has learned the importance of taking a break and resetting.

“The analogy I like to use is we’ve all got mobile phones, smart apps for computers. Every night, we’re charging up these technology devices, and if we forget to charge or if it runs out of battery, the device is out of commission. Now, I encourage everyone to just think about your own life here. If you’re not charging up your own batteries, you’re depleting your system,” Nico said.

But meditation is far more than resting your body and mind. It unlocks self-awareness, which is a catalyst for great change and new opportunities in your endeavours.

“The purpose of all meditation is simply to expand our awareness. That’s what every meditation technique has in common. And when we expand our awareness, we can then detect our needs, where we’re out of balance, when we’re disconnected, when we’re unhappy and when we’re unhealthy,” Nico explained.

“So awareness is the foundation that we need for success, and what all of this is doing is bringing a single point of attention to your focus and bringing your mind to one place.”

Nico detailed five key steps within meditation which will lead to the ‘highest path’ and greatest success. Firstly, surrender is essential.

“We think surrender is a negative thing. We think surrender means we’ve lost. It couldn’t be further from the truth. Surrender is actually to just stop resisting,” he said.

“Resistance is the thing that causes the greatest suffering in our life. Someone gets laid off from their job and they’re so devastated, they’re holding on to that job or they holding on to that relationship. So many times, once that has happened, the next thing that happens after that is they get a better job paying more money in a better environment.”

With letting go then comes acceptance and feeling without judgement, where individuals shouldn’t resist or try to change their emotions. Instead, they should look to connect with their emotions and respond appropriately.

“The next thing is accept. I accept this moment, I accept receiving what life has got to throw me next. I accept and receive and respond with love, knowing that everything that’s happening in our life is actually happening for our greatest growth and evolution,” Nico said.

“[Feeling without judgement] is where we connect with our hearts and we choose love and we choose the highest path. There’s always two ways to go about this – love or fear. Fear is when we’re caught up in our mind with very limited thinking – the fight, flight or freeze. So you could respond from that place, which is often a reactive response, a fear based involuntary reaction. Or, if you are able to slow down and calm your breathing, connect with your heart and get out of your head, then you can connect with that highest part, which is love, and you’ll be able to have a more creative solution to what’s happening at that time.

“So our goal is to get out of our heads and be in our hearts. Then, that informs the mind and the intellect, and we can weigh up our decisions and move forward much more aligned.”

Following this process is particularly beneficial to those who are stressed or experiencing anxiety, whether it be in their career, in their investments or personal life.

“Meditation is great for mental clarity … [it gives] the ability to witness what we’re experiencing, the ability to witness the events that are occurring outside of us without getting caught up in the drama of them,” he said.

“So if you’re experiencing anxiety, you don’t have anxiety for the rest of your life, you’re experiencing it at that moment. I just can’t stress that enough for people because it’s so important to know that it’s very natural for us to experience little bits of this. But if we can just notice it, acknowledge it and not get so caught up in it, it’ll actually pass.

“Everything is in a constant state of change. These emotions, these sensations, these feelings are all moving through us, and so is our anxiety. So we allow it to come, we allow it to leave, and then we get on with it. So this is a really powerful thing.”

One meditation framework Nico highly recommended for people with busy schedules was the ‘transcending technique’, which allows individuals to connect and establish their true self.

“It’s phenomenal for our creativity. So this technique connects you with your purpose, who you are, what you are, and why you are here. The answers are just there within you, and so this technique goes straight to that source,” he explained.

“This technique is all about effortlessness. It’s so simple and easy to learn and practice. So it’s just a good reminder that meditation doesn’t have to be hard … it’s only a 20 minute meditation practice. It’s great for the busy person, the time-poor person. If you want to supercharge yourself to be able to in 20 minutes in the morning and ideally 20 minutes in the afternoon, give your a body that deep rest, because we’re all so fatigued and we don’t realise we’re fatigued until we experience full vitality and energy.

“So this technique illuminates all of the things in your life that are incongruent with your higher self. It brings it to the surface, so then it’s very clear and now it’s up to you to take action on moving into higher states, moving into environments that are more conducive to your health, your wealth, more conducive to being more curious and expanding your awareness.”

Find out more by listening to the full interview here.

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