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I was recently humbled to be listed on The Property Investor’s showcase of Australia’s Top Ten Property Specialists. To have my work and contribution recognised is an unexpected honour and a huge surprise. I got into this business because I want to help people achieve their lifestyle goals through property, not to receive any accolades, but I‘m thankful nonetheless. It will help enable me to reach a wider audience and something that I will use to further help others by creating more awareness of KH Group’s unique approach to smart investing.

Receiving this news has made me reflect on how I built my career from the ground up. I started architecture when I was 15, after moving from Victoria to South Australia. This bumped me up into the year ahead of me, which meant that, not only was I a foot shorter than everyone else in high school, I had to work so much harder than my peers in order to keep up with them. Hard work became a habit, and I got used to putting in maximum effort to achieve my goals. I have always seen myself as a lifetime learner. Early on, I realised that everyone I meet can teach me something new, and I’ve lived by that throughout my career. Now, I want to pass on that knowledge to other people. To me, learning isn’t just about reading a book. It’s about getting out there and doing it, receiving the qualifications and skills necessary to ensure you can speak with confidence about topics you’re passionate about.


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Everyone has goals, but not everyone knows how to reach them. Whether you’re aiming for financial stability, achievements and awards within your industry, or the ability to play a new instrument, it’s important to remember that success is a long term endeavour. It will never happen overnight, but as long as you’re getting even 1% better every day, you’ll achieve it in the end. And here at KH Group, we can help you reach those goals by encouraging you every step of the way.

We are passionate about what we do, because not only have we always been active investors, we genuinely care about our clients. We love providing them with solutions, not just service. These solutions include the right guidance and knowledge to make smart investing decisions, and the motivation required to make dreams come true. Holistically, we give people direction and results from start to finish, and we go above and beyond to make it happen. For example, our Finance Architects deliver Home Owns not just home loans.

If your goal is to invest in property, retire comfortably, and no longer worry about money, we can give you the know-how to KnowHow you can do exactly that. But at the end of the day, no matter what your goals are, with hard work and perseverance, anything is achievable.

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