Top self-reflection questions to unlock your potential

Maximise success through understanding how your brain works and reflecting on your mindset, beliefs, outlook, attitudes and relationships.

Dr Simone Boer, an experienced neuro coach with an investment portfolio worth over $6 million, says having the dedication to self-reflect will break down barriers and unlock an investor’s full potential.

She joined KnowHow’s Bushy Martin on Property Hub’s Get Invested podcast and revealed the questions investors should be asking themselves on their property journey.

“How does my brain work?”

By understanding the architecture of the brain and how it developed through childhood, investors can then use brain hacks to overcome their own limitations.

“Childhood is when all the brain activity and connections are being formed in our brains. And this stays with us through life. So it’s knowing our brain and how it works. And think about it – we’re an adult now and we’re literally driving along architecture that was built back as a child. To me, that’s a bit dangerous,” Dr Simone said.

“So when I talk about these brain hacks, they are tools, activities or questions that are designed to cut through into your subconscious and to enable you to have a new perception, new insight and to stop the well-worn path that you have trotted along for the last ten, 20, 30, 40 years, and start to create a new path as well. And I liken it to dissolving, because through the question and through the insight, you’ve dissolved parts of your own belief.”

“What is my vision?”

A vision will provide motivation and direction for investors.

“Many investors have a goal, and with that goal, create a vision. That vision can be done in a variety of ways. It can be in written out vision. It can be a visual vision. It can be a vision with pictures. And it’s about having the dedication and the practice to go and revisit that vision, to update it, to upgrade it,” Dr Simone said.

“One of the things that I instigated as I was sitting in the lounge room back in March 2020 was, what do I actually want with my life? And one of the things that I wrote at that time was by the age I reach 40, I’ll have all my houses paid off. So I had the goal. I didn’t have the path, but I knew that would happen. How it happened was by the age of 40, I suddenly had at the time all of the houses paid off, but I had no idea that it would be because I would sell half of my portfolio. So it’s about having that goal, but holding the path loose.

“So have that end goal in mind. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What does your life look like by design? And start to bring elements of that life by design into your everyday life now.”

“Am I a passenger or a captain in my life?”

Once a vision is established, the next question is for investors to determine whether they’re a passenger or captain in their life.

“Allow whatever answer comes your way, because that’s the subconscious talking. It’s like, when I was like in corporate life. It was my subconscious saying, what if you didn’t have to work full time? What if you didn’t have to work in corporate? And that was such a scary thought to me, who had only ever known life in full time work. Now I knew what the answer was, which was to leave, but it took me three weeks to gather the courage to say, this is what I’m going to do,” she said.

“So for those people who want to make a start. Answer the question in yourself of are you the passenger or captain. Just allow that answer to come through, and in that answer, stop to reflect and get to know yourself more. Ask yourself, who am I? What are my beliefs? How have they been shaped? Because they are all shaped from your childhood and from experiences that have helped you move through life. But are they the right beliefs to move forward?

“So start working out how to become a captain. And by being a captain, you have the ability to build and construct the environment around you, and a vehicle to construct that is absolutely through property. Also enjoy the journey of property investing and allow yourself to grow as much as you’re willing to grow, and challenge yourself to get uncomfortable in that journey of property investing.”

“What is my relationship with money?”

Investors need to understand their money mindset in order to have choice and freedom.

“It’s about really understanding your mindset. So for me, I knew back in my early twenties about this incredible frugal saving perspective. I knew I needed to change myself into an investor or realist perspective. And I’m still on that journey. I’m still on that path,” Dr Simone said.

“And so it’s about understanding, firstly, you and your relationship with money. Are you a spender? Are you a saver? Are you a pretender? Are you a dreamer? Or are you a realist, or an investor? It’s about understanding your money mindset and understanding the construct of money as well, because we’ve literally made up this term of money and we’ve assigned a value to money. And we are in a capitalist society and you can put that money through to investing in houses to create choice and freedom.

“And ultimately, it’s not about having the money. A lot of people have the monetary goal, but it’s more so about, well, what does that enable you to do?”

Listen to the full interview here.

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