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Happiness and knowing who you are

As a life coach and author, Iesha Delune has helped thousands of people unlock their purpose and find happiness. It is a far cry from her teenage years that were hampered by low self-esteem. 

The founder of Wholistic Vitality and author of The Happiness Recipe told Bushy Martin on the Get Invested Podcast that she initially felt lost.

“(I was) a teenager that had really quite cripplingly low self-esteem, even though you wouldn’t necessarily have known that (on the) outside, because I was really good at pretending,” she said. 

“I used to be like an emotional chameleon. I could change the outside of me for whatever the circumstances required. So if you needed fun, I could be that … if you needed sensible I could be that. But I didn’t really have a well-developed centre. Or if I did arrive in the centre, it felt very sad and alone. And I didn’t KnowHow to reveal myself in relationships or get my needs met and things like that or even acknowledge that I had any.”

But while trying to find her way, Iesha learned to search wide and deep for the answers. A shocking accident and lengthy rehabilitation process led Iesha to alternative medicines, and a pathway to a new way of life.

“So from really young, like 14 or 15, I understood this whole world outside of just one way of thinking, and I had some amazing results,” she said. 

“I was like, ‘oh, I want to be a homeopath’ and then ‘I want to be a naturopath’. My first qualification was as a massage therapist because I loved how touch and presence with a person actually did so much healing emotionally.

“I think for many, many years I wanted to be a one stop shop. And now I realise no one person can be the one stop shop. Synergy becomes really important. But that was really a combination of what I needed for me, and what I saw out of the work that I was doing.”

Now a successful life coach, Iesha helps others on their ‘pursuit of happiness’. 

“I explain to people when we talk about happiness that there’s two types,” she said. 

“The first type is surface happiness. And this refers to your kind of state or mind and mood right now in this moment. So surface happiness we can generate with anything that shifts our chemicals. You might have a great night out laughing with your friends. You might buy a fabulous outfit and feel good. So that’s surface happiness. 

“The second type of happiness is what I call soul-deep happiness. It’s thinking about true values, alignment and living with congruency. It means body, heart, mind and soul all in alignment with who you are. 

“So that soul-deep happiness is being authentically you and the happiness is the effortless result of living in that congruence. You don’t have to reach it. You don’t have to go and find it. It is there and present with through life’s ups and downs. It’s at such a deeply fulfilling and energising foundation for life.”

Understanding happiness is one thing, but living it is another story. Iesha said it starts with a person reading their unique ‘care label’. 

“Reading and knowing the care label of your washing or knowing the care label of a plant gives us indicators of what that plant needs to thrive or what the clothing needs to stay together and every human being, what I’ve realised, has their own care label as well. 

“It is getting to know ‘who am I really?’ Who I am isn’t about what I do but who I am. And then if we if I can help you land in who you truly are, then we can pivot you in a direction that’s going to be really enlivening. 

“People don’t end up having to do more. They just use the same amount of time and often less energy to do things that are really congruent and aligned, and they just feel more alive. They’re healthier and their relationships improve.”

Find out more in the full Get Invested interview with Iesha Delune. Listen here.

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