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Green growth: Tips to blitz your backyard

The lockdowns across Australia continue to remind us about how important it is to love where you live. And a beautiful backyard can make all the difference … Australians know this better than anyone!

Not only does a great backyard vastly improve the liveability of your home, it also adds value to your property; a report from Husqvarna Group found that your yard could add as much as 16 percent to your house price.

But many assume you need a sprawling landscape and plenty of space before you can have a beautiful backyard. That’s simply not true. You can maximise whatever space you’ve got … even the tiniest patio. 

What about the cost? You can play it smart and update your backyard affordably, too.

So if you want to bring more beauty to your backyard, where do you start? 

Here’s some quick tips to help you focus on what matters most.

Create connection.

Make a space where you and your loved ones can comfortably spend time together. To do this, create an area to sit and gather, considering things like the view (overlooking the pool would be nice …), the sounds (have a powerpoint nearby to plug in the speaker, and don’t set up near a road, machinery or other noisy spots) and smells (avoid the bins, obviously, and burn incense which smells great and can also keep the bugs away).

Cover up. 

To get the most of your backyard, make it suitable for all seasons. A nice pergola makes your space available in all kinds of weather. Don’t forget about the impact of wind, either; create wind breaks or add roller blinds to avoid those cold breezes.

Add tranquility. 

A water feature is a great way to shift the atmosphere. Also think about strategically choosing trees and flowers to attract bird life. Incorporating music should also be considered, if you can avoid ruining the tranquility with cords and noisy, obtrusive speakers.

Invest in growth.

Don’t just think about your backyard today, think about what you’ll need in ten years time and plant accordingly! If you design your yard with your future self in mind, you’ll thank yourself for it down the track. So take your time, think it through, and make sure you’re clear on your current and future needs and wants before you start digging. 

This is just the beginning. There are many directions you can go to make your backyard an incredible place to spend time. 

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