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The awakening that led to a life of freedom

Jodie Nevid is a lifestyle entrepreneur who has designed her life around her passions, with family, travel and creativity in business.

Not only that, she now helps others unlock freedom in all aspects of their lives through The 7 Effect, a guide that helps people redesign their lives and create financial freedom.

But it wasn’t always the case. Jodie used to be a ‘corporate success’, earning six figures and climbing the ladder, but in reality, she felt trapped an unfulfilled.

“What happened over time was I started to realise, and this stuff happened slowly, it creeps up on you, is I just started to forget about my ultimate passions and hobbies, and the things that lit me up,” Jodie told Bushy Martin on the Get Invested podcast.

“And I just immersed myself into working for this money, and meanwhile getting a bigger mortgage, and doing all the things that I was taught not to do in some ways. I’d spent money on retail therapy, because I was single, and single women often do this, ‘All right, I feel like crap, I haven’t got anyone to have a hug with, so I’ll go buy a new dress. That’ll hug me instead’.”

But deep down, an entrepreneur by nature, Jodie knew something wasn’t right. She started focusing on personal development, attending conferences and made a decision that, one way or another, she would “break free”.

She set up a ‘goals club’, not only coaching herself out of a slump but bringing others along for the ride too.

“It came from my recognising that most people are unconsciously just going through the motions. They’ve forgotten their choices,” she said.

“And the idea was to start a goals club, where once a month we would catch up, we would set our goals, and we hold each other accountable. And the changes that happened not overnight, but over time in our lives, were profound. Physically, mentally, emotionally, financially. You name it. We worked through the processes.”

That goals club would become The 7 Effect, founded by Jodie in 2014, which coaches people to a life of freedom.

“We have a five step life design process, and the life design process starts with a smack in the face,” she said.

“It’s what we call the reality check, or the life audit. In our book, we explain the questions that are in the life audit … for many people is confronting, challenging, thought-provoking. Some people have said they’ve felt really like it’s an interrogation.

“We need to teach people how to reconnect with their unconscious mind. Now you don’t have to re-live what went on as a child and where it all began, but what you do need to realise is that you can create change at an unconscious level, and you can re-program your brain to believe that you are good enough, and that you can have those things. But it’s about breaking the pattern.”

And Jodie walks the talk. She has found financial freedom, invests in property and works limited, flexible hours around her passion for family and travel.

“I’m doing what I’m doing because I think I’ve always had a desire, as long as I can remember, to be free,” she said.

“When I say free, I mean free to make my own choices, free to travel the world, free to live life on my terms and to build wealth doing meaningful work, doing what I love. For the best part of my life, I’ve actually done that.”

Listen to the full podcast interview here.

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