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How to transition from fear to growth phase

In times like these, it is important to eliminate any fear-based decisions to survive and thrive.

Australia’s world leading intuitive Craigh Wilson has a wealth of advice and recommendations on how to approach challenging circumstances.

The bestselling author of Intuitive says we need to shift our focus and take the time to understand our position, situation and needs before making any decisions.

“We need to get out of fear and anxiety and frustration and look at what we need to do to get ourselves into a place of clarity, priority and high performance,” Craigh told Bushy Martin on the Get Invested podcast.

“Respond rather than to react. I think we really need to slow down and and get clear on where we are actually at, certainly be grateful for what we have and start maintaining a really good connection with ourselves.”

Craigh said if people can come out of fear and anxiety, there are great opportunities to get ahead of the market and come out thriving on the other side, for those who can maintain a positive mindset and emotional well-being.

You will find that markets will repair quickly, but there will be an impact,” he said.

“So nine months is the fear phase. And then beyond that, nine months is the growth phase.

“If you can get out of high stress and anxiety and frustration, you can use the next nine months to sort of re-consolidate and work out whether you need to pivot or double down in your existing business, and then get some clarity and confidence so that you can get ahead of the market.

“We will see growth starting from 2021 to 2025, and then a boom period from 2026 to 2030. So, if you can do your best not to take what’s happened personally … and you can get yourself through this phase, then there are extraordinary opportunities on the other side.

“Find out what you’re doing in your business. You may have to change it. So what you do need to do is reach out to your clients and to your micro niches and really understand what they need.”

But to make continuous, positive decisions in these times, Craigh said you need to establish your patterns, programs and routines and be proactive now in your business.

This could be as simple as designating different zones in your house to different purposes, such as work, relaxation and socialising.

“[Have] a morning ritual and evening ritual and know how you manage yourself during the day, because you need to have a format, especially if you’re not used to working from home.

“Try and be honest with where you’re at and your situation, your cash position, et cetera. You know, things will improve. But I think you’ve got to see this as an opportunity that the earlier you get off your backside and dust yourself off, the quicker you’re going to get out of this situation personally and professionally.

“There are people doing really well. And you can do well.”

Throughout this journey to survive and thrive, Craigh also emphasises that we are in the midst of a global issue and we need to stand together and develop positive outcomes for everybody.

“The triple bottom line for the new post virus world, as I call it, is do what is best for all, for others and for yourself. We’re all in this together.

“So I think the world has really now got to think about not just individuals, investors and businesses, not just doing what’s good for them and their nuclear family, but thinking about what’s best for everybody. So, it’s a real opportunity to evolve.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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