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How fasting heals the body

Sinclair Fischer-Gray was Orlando Bloom’s personal health coach, and seemed to have health and fitness all worked out.

But in reality he was facing his own physical struggles. Despite trying everything, seeing every expert and spending just about every cent he had, Sinclair couldn’t fix his debilitating back injury.

“My body was different, I was seeing every osteo, chiro, surgeons, Chinese herbalists, acupuncturists, and every dollar I earned I spent on my quest to heal my body,” Sinclair told Bushy Martin on the Get Invested podcast.

“I was learning a lot along the way but … I wasn’t getting anything concrete and I wasn’t getting any results.

“What started off as a physical injury ended up over time developing into bouts of depression really, I went in and out of poor mental health just because I felt very, very hopeless.

“Just feeling like it was never going to get any better for me. And honestly, when I discovered fasting that was the moment that all changed.”

Sinclair attended a retreat led by Tyler Tolman and was inspired to take on a ten day fast, where he would only consume water.

The results were remarkable, and shocking.

“I did an enema and I looked in the toilet bowl and there were like two or three massive worms sitting in there, and I just thought, wow!” he said.

“Then I realised, hey, I actually don’t feel like crap anymore, I feel alright. It was the best I’d felt and I realised that getting rid of all of that was the reason. Two days later I was completely out of pain … first time in nine years.”

It sparked a journey of discovery, where Sinclair, along with his brother, Saxon, learned that fasting is fundamental, for both humans and animals.

“Animals will fast when they’re sick or injured and they know intuitively when to eat again,” he said.

“When their bodies heal, their hunger will return and it’s a sign that the body is ready to eat and the body’s healed. So we are no different to those animals, we may live pretty different lives but our bodies work the same, we’ve got the same ability to detox and regenerate. And that’s really what fasting is its detoxification which leads to regeneration.

Like most people, Sinclair said he too focused on how he was fuelling his body.

“The thing that really resonated with me was when I learned about this idea that we heal through what we eliminate from the body not through what we put in to the body.

“’Am I detoxing every day enough to get rid of all this waste that I’ve built up in my body because it’s the waste that I’ve built up in my body that’s actually causing this injury to occur in the first place’.”

For Sinclair, the first step is to learn about your body, do the research and seek expert advice.

“That’s why it’s so important to be educated on it because you need to understand why you feel the way you do.

“Because sometimes it is just the body going through a healing crisis and then other times it’s your body lacking in minerals.

So there’s times where you can really dig deep and push through and there’s other times where you have to know to back off and to break the fast.”

Listen to the full podcast interview here.

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