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Go beyond mediation for better decision making

While the wellbeing benefits of meditation are widely known, Australia’s world leading intuitive Craigh Wilson believes most people are barely scraping the surface in this field.

“How would you like to start actually getting a direct benefit from that (meditation), or make a decision from that?” He said on the Get Invested podcast with Bushy Martin.

“That’s where intuition comes in. It’s great though that everyone is more open to mindfulness and meditation, but there are many levels of meditation and ways of hacking it, which is what I’ve done.”

The leading intuitive, best-selling author and mentor believes this ability is more important than ever, with decision-making skills in high demand.

“In America the number one thing in consulting right now is decision-making,” he said.

“So imagine you can have all the data in the world, and having worked with Price Waterhouse, Deloitte and those sort of consultants, you get all this information. But you’re still running off spreadsheets. If you can’t make a decision consciously with confidence, then you’re screwed. It’s fear based.

“And imagine if your intuition and your decision-making was 10%, or 20%, or 30% better than other players in the market. Even if it was just 5% or 10% better every day, compound (results).”

To take meditation to a new level and optimise for powerful decision-making, Craigh said people must transition from a way of thinking to a way of feeling and, finally, to a way of being.

“If you want to be trusted in your life and your relationships and with your animals and your business and with your customers, well you have to learn to trust yourself,” he said.

“Sure people want to make decisions on demand, sure people want better results and to feel good about themselves, but the number one thing that keeps coming up is the relationship with others, but (more) the relationship with yourself. That’s the most important thing. And I would say your relationship to life, your relationship to the universe, to that higher power … once you get that right, if it’s best, you’ll do business.

“(And) when you’re flying, it’s about correcting your own pitch. The plane is constantly off course, and all you’re doing is getting back on course. And that’s what my work is about, is how to make clear, fast and accurate decisions on demand. We aim it towards business owners and entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and people in transition, because new people are the ones that are going to make it happen. You’re the ones that are going to impact the world because you’re willing to take responsibility to be with what is, and make a decision.”

When Craigh teaches this work all over the world, he follows a meditative process that beings with doing nothing, then bring thoughts up, processing thoughts and emotions, and finally bringing in love. He said this is key to decision-making.

“You’ve got to bring the heart in,” Craigh said.

“You can follow processes and systems, but if there’s no feeling, if there’s no love there, then it only works so far.

“And then once you start bringing love into your heart, then you can start making decisions and, let’s say you want a particular outcome, you can say, “Is it best for me to sign this contract for this property?” And feel it. And then give yourself a break, and then say, “Is it not best for me to sign this contract?” And feel the difference. And your intuition and your body will tell you.

“I’ve gone into my heart, cleared myself and made the decision. And the energy then shifts. But that’s with full confidence, by the way.”

But the barrier for many is decision paralysis, which is based on fear.

“If it’s a little overwhelming, you don’t have to make a decision right now,” Craigh said.

“You can make a decision tonight, or in an hour. You can make a decision next week. It doesn’t matter. But some people will never make a decision.

“For me it’s going through your heart, gut and brain in the right order. The heart is the first cell in the body. It’s universally intelligent. It is 100 times more electrically powerful than the brain, and has some 5,000 times more magnetic energy.

“What we’re saying is you can fully access your mind, but just do it in the right order.”

Listen to the full podcast interview here.

***Competition: Craigh has very generously offered a personally signed copy of Intuitive to one of the listeners of this episode. Now this is a very high value, life-changing book, so to make it interesting, we will gift this special copy to the listener who emails [email protected] to confirm how many words, how many chapters and how many sections are in Intuitive (as Craigh mentions it during this episode) along with your example of where you have used your intuition to make a good decision and then we’ll choose the best.***

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