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Podcast: David Hobart on investing in self-care and process in a world of uncertainty

Today we take you to new levels of self-awareness with the guidance of proven investor and trader David Hobart.  

David is a performance coach with a specialist background in investment management.  He’s been an active trader and hedge fund manager since 1994, where managing risk through uncertainty has informed the development of his coaching programs.

David works with executives and professionals whose decisions have consequences, whether human or financial. 

He has three purposes:

– To improve performance – by focusing and optimising outcomes.

– To facilitate change – by aligning beliefs with the desired outcome.

– To enhance wellbeing – by improving self-awareness to illuminate biases and attachments which inhibit objective decision making.

David has been coaching since 2006. He also spent five years as Managing Director of Hedge Funds at BlueSky Alternative Investments and nine years as managing director of Apeiron Global Macro Fund.

In our very open and reflective discussion, David shares his insights and touches on:

– What are the biggest mistakes that equities investors and traders make?

– What are the keys for successfully investing in equities?

– Where do you need to start with investing and what steps should you take?

– How can you build the best portfolio to suit you?

– Why it’s critically important to deal yourself into the game, maintain flexibility and ride a trend.

– Why having a coach is critical to your success.

– We touch on the difference between alternative Beta and Alpha trading approaches.

– We get his views on the latest crypto mania and the recent Gamestop / Reddit herd trading phenomena.

And I just love his story about how he bought Bitcoin back in 2015 and sold it to design and build a beautiful property on Tamborine Mountain that featured on one of my favourite shows, Grand Designs Australia.

David is a very deep and humble thinker and his open, humble and self deprecating manner often down plays the tremendous investment success he has achieved personally as well as helping others.

And one of his great unique contributions is his self-CARE program

When making decisions that have consequences, whether human or financial,
whether we realise it or not, it’s important to view our current circumstances unobscured by any emotional filters derived from our past mistakes.

And in the investment world, we’ve all made decisions that have led to losses. Even if these decisions are made within a sound investment process, they can leave us in a place of ruminative reflection at times, which can negatively impact on our future decisions.

David’s unique self-CARE process provides tools for clearing emotional attachments on-demand. Think of the output from this process as an emotional reset button – you’ll have access to a means of clearing any emotional turmoil obstructing your path to clear decision making.

The revolutionary self-CARE process provides on-demand tools for you to:

– Free your mind from attachments, enabling you to view the world as it is, not as you wish it to be.

– Remove emotional baggage from present circumstances as past experiences often leave emotional residue. It’s often this residue that colours our view of the world.

– It also allows you to make decisions based on the reality of the present and the future that you’re creating. Your decisions can be informed by the past, but not dictated by it.

– Self-CARE also helps you to experience the joy of the living moment. Knowing you’re clear of the past is often expressed through an overwhelming experience of gratitude. When gratitude is all that is left, then you know your emotional reset button has been pressed.

– And as a special bonus for a select few Get Invested listeners, David is offering complimentary access to his unique self-CARE program so email me at [email protected] if you’re serious about taking your investing to the next level. 

And before we get into our engaging chat … if you’d like to optimise your performance in property investment, we’re taking investors to new heights in our Freedom Flight program. To book your ticket or find out more, click here.

Now … enjoy this informative chat with David Hobart.

Listen to the episode here.

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