The Inconvenient Truth About the Affordability Crisis

The Inconvenient Truth about the ‘Affordability Crisis’

Anytime you turn on the TV in Australia or pick up a newspaper, you are faced with news of the property affordability crisis that is impacting Australian home buyers. There isn’t a day that goes by without the media highlighting that housing affordability for Australians is hitting, and it’s hitting hard. Editorials and opinion pieces …

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Giving Property Excuses a Kick in the ‘But’s’

Bush Bite: Giving Property Excuses a Kick in the ‘But’s’

Property is one of those things that can be easy to do, and just as easy not to do. As a time poor professional concerned about improving and maintaining your lifestyle long term, you may know that you want to do something in property BUT you cant see how. You appreciate the importance, however, there …

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The Power of An Abundance Mindset

In a recent edition of Bush Bites, I covered my take on VITAMINs – an analogy I created that compares the health supporting nutrients of vitamins to factors of financial success. Each of the letters of VITAMINs represents a different concept, be it value, time, interests rate of growth or your personal network. I will …

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What is Passive Income?

Passive income can be the unsung superhero of your finances. But what exactly is it? Essentially, passive income is money that still comes to you when you’re not working for it. In the property investment world, it’s the earnings that an individual can gain from investing in rental properties. Passive income differs to active income, …

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Property Research Checklist

You know when you decide to go on holidays and you start researching all of the fun things you’re in store for? The excitement begins to consume you. You may find yourself sneakily looking up extreme adventure activities when you’re meant to be working, Googling accommodation options on your commute home or browsing Instagram travel …

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