Bush Bite Series: Don’t say ‘the c-word’

KnowHow founder Bushy Martin says it is time to stop saying, listening to and reading about ‘the c-word’.

“Everywhere you’re hearing the impacts, or so-called impacts, of ‘the C word’. And I’m not even going to give that particular word any credence, other than to say that I really want to put a much more positive spin (on it) to counteract the fear mongering that’s currently being perpetrated by the press,” Bushy told his Facebook followers in a live ‘Bush Bite’ video.

For Bushy, the perceptions being pushed by the media about the coronavirus pandemic are a problem, and has led to the development of a ‘herd mentality’.

“The reality is that Australia is actually in very good shape. Yes, we need to be cautious and yes, we need to be careful, but we don’t need to be paranoid. We need to be prepared,” Bushy said.

“Our government and our banks and our major businesses are very well positioned to be able to both survive and then thrive in the potential storm that may come through.”

Bushy said we should focus on the positive news points. These include measures the Reserve Bank has released which will support everyone – including homeowners and business owners – during the ‘bumpy’ months ahead.

“We’re seeing a further 0.25 percent drop in the (interest) rates and some of the banks are passing more than that on. So, there’s some very interesting positions there which are ultimately potentially going to save you money if you’re with the right bank,” he said.

“Secondly, they’ve injected $90 billion into supporting the banks to support businesses and to maintain the businesses over the next few months.

“And thirdly, they’re buying bonds, which is going to inject cash and additional cash into the economy.”

Bushy raised key questions – ‘how are we going to survive and thrive for the next six months?’ and ‘How are we going to last the distance over the next six months financially to make sure that we ride over this speed bump that we’re about to endure?’

His key tips are to ignore the press, focus on the facts, stay calm and prepare ourselves.

To further help people to maximise their position over the coming months, Bushy will be releasing a series of Facebook live videos which provide useful tips and tricks on how to cut costs, boost your savings and work with KnowHow, who are now set up to successfully work remotely.

He will also release a video discussing the great opportunities in property now available.

“I love times like this. These uncertain times are where the best opportunities actually arise. So, if you’re well positioned and you’re prepared to take advantage of it, there’s no better time than once in a generation activities like these to really prosper.”

Bushy urges listeners to stay tuned and keep an eye out for all these opportunities to be discussed over the next few days.

KnowHow founder Bushy Martin shares regular, live ‘Bush Bite’ videos on his Facebook page sharing tips and tricks to cut costs, boost your savings and take advantage of opportunities in property. Connect with Bushy here.

KnowHow is helping Australian property owners put an extra $400 to $1200 a month back in their pockets. Want to find out how? Contact us and we’ll tell you in 15 minutes if this is for you (no catch, no BS!).

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