Bush Bite Series: Are you ‘paused’ or ‘poised’ for opportunity?

Is your life on hold, or are you positioned ready to advance?

KnowHow founder Bushy Martin explains that your answer to this question will define how you’re navigating through this difficult period.

“If you’re paused because you’re sitting back and waiting to see what happens, and you’re not really sure what to do, then your life’s on hold. But, if you’re poised, you’re prepared and you’re ready for action,” Bushy said in a recent live ‘Bush Bite’ video on Facebook.

“There’s a massive difference, yet only subtle, in the mindset that’s attached to that, that’s going to help you through the current challenging times that we’re going through.”

Bushy has spent a lot of time reflecting on this topic, which was inspired by recent chats with Conor Neill and Craigh Wilson on the Get Invested podcast.

He says both guests have provided great wisdom on how to approach the current ‘radical uncertainty’ and make good decisions in times of crisis.

In particular, Bushy discusses faith, hope and love – three key things that Conor says are crucial to managing and handling tough times.

Firstly, faith relates to the idea that the obstacles we’re currently facing are there for a reason.

“Faith is going in with an expectation that the challenging times we are in are meant to be happening to us, and having faith that we’re going to be able to handle that situation, this comes back to our belief system,” said Bushy.

“So, this is really all about knowing that where we’re at now and what we’re dealing with is actually there to make us better people.

“We don’t ask for things to get easier. We ask for us to get better. And again, it’s a very subtle shift, but a massive difference in what that means on the way you approach situations. So that’s the faith part.”

Secondly, hope relates to the idea that it is action that changes the future, not simply thinking about action.

“A lot of us stop with intent. We have good intentions of doing stuff and we have an intention that we’re going to get around to catching up with our mates. We’ve got intention of getting an investment property or an intention of doing something to reduce our costs. But there’s a massive difference between intention and taking the action.

“It doesn’t matter how bad our situation is, how bad we might think things are right now. There’s always an action that we can be taking that can have a massive difference on the trajectory of our future.”

Finally, love refers to thinking about others, rather than just yourself.

“What Conor meant by love is that if we’re putting other people’s needs ahead of our own, then we’re focusing more attention on helping others and less time stewing in our own fat,” Bushy said.

“We really need to move from being stuck in our head to moving to doing things from the heart, because really simply if we’re stuck in our head, we’re dead in the current situation.”

Bushy also reiterated how important it is for everyone to take control of what they can and cancel out the negativity.

“The reality is that we are so used to certainty with the iPhone in our hand. Where we can Google anything and we can [search] anything and there’s virtually no uncertainty.

“We need to deal with when we’re suddenly thrown into a situation like we are, where with social media it’s all over the world in five minutes and all the negativity crowds in and all the noise crowds in and we start stinking thinking. Then, it’s time for us to really break through that and to start using those simple things that I talked about to control the things that we can control and forget the rest.”

So Bushy’s question remains – are you paused, or are you poised?

Listen to the full interview with Conor Neill here and Craigh Wilson here.

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