Bush Bite Live: Investor Reach vs Rate

As a property investor, when getting a loan if you are focusing on purely on the rate rather than the reach, you may be missing important opportunities. Let me explain …


Welcome! I want to have a quick chat to you about investor rich versus rate. Let me start by asking you a quick question: if you’re a property investor, what’s the most important thing that you need to focus on when getting a loan? Most people think it’s rate. And if this is you, you may be missing the boat because your most important investment line focus is actually your reach not the rate, it’s your buying capacity. Why? Because high capacity can mean securing a much higher value property. And this can be very significant because you may not know that there’s over 50% variation across the banks in terms of how much they’ll let you borrow.

Now, as a quick example, this could be the difference between enabling you to secure $500 000 property versus a $750 000 property, and over 20 years that equates to an extra $600 000 dollars in equity just by focussing on your reach, not the rate. If you want to find out how to maximise your capacity, have a chat to a really good and savvy mortgage broker. So remember, focus on your highest reach, not the lowest rate.

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