Paul and Pascale Averill podcast

Paul and Pascale Averill on the exponential power of partnerships

Powerful partners foster abundance thinking and a fearless, limitless approach to life that allows us to achieve far more than we can ever imagine on our own.

And there is no better example of this than dynamic duo Paul and Pascale Averill.

Paul is a coach for performance, self-worth and fulfilment focussing on ‘self, health and wealth.’ He’s a podcaster whose wellness podcast “The Man Bits” has global reach – he’s also a remedial massage therapist. He’s an advocate for positive mental wellness, physical health and financial wealth and helps you achieve all three.

Pascale is a clinical dietician from the land of the long white cloud and she always makes space to connect with nature.

Together they are PnP – they live life by their own design, travel the world and love rock climbing, hiking and dancing.

They are both great Latin salsa dancers in their own right, but together they are perpetual poetry in motion – and they are able to do what they love on the strength of fuelling their freedom by investing in an international positive cash flow property portfolio.

So, during this engaging discussion you will learn:

  1. What are the foundational qualities of successful partnerships and why they are fundamental to your ensuring success
  2. How you can develop an international property portfolio to fund your freedom
  3. What is a HMO property and how can you benefit from it?

Plus much more. So please enjoy this great conversation with powerful partners, Pascale & Paul Averill.

Listen to the full interview here.

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