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The fitness test is about fine tuning your finances.

If you are a home owner who is not ready to invest yet or you have an existing property portfolio  and you want to reduce your costs by tens of thousands of dollars, minimise your risk and pay off your loans years earlier, then the fitness test is for you.

On average our finance restructure reduces your costs by $400 to $1,200 a month which is equivalent to giving yourself a payrise of $7,000 up to $24,000 a year.

Your Know How Finance Architect will remove your home loan headaches and make it happen for you safely, affordably and easily.


The Flight Test is for you if you are keen to invest or invest more in property – it combines your fitness test and finance restructure with your flight itinerary and a boarding pass to your future freedom.
It starts with a freedom forecast that projects where you will end up if you stay on your current path, what is your ideal lifestyle income, what is the gap and  how much property will you need to bridge it – your freedom numbers.
It then confirms if you are ready, able and willing to fly – your R.A.W. test that confirms that you have the investment capacity along with the right mindset to confirm what you can do and if you will last the distance.
This flight test is your ticket to your version of freedom.

Your co-pilot is one of Australia’s top 10 property investment specialists. An award-winning mentor and author, Bushy Martin.
What our clients say about us
"KnowHow's advice of having one loan per property, taking multiple lenders, diversifying property types and locations and buying homes we could afford that the rent would cover proved to be a game-changer."
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Radek P.
"Bushy and the KnowHow Property Finance team have looked after my husband and I and our financial needs for a number of years.. they have helped us secure a very attractive package for our investment property loans .. with their knowledge, attention to detail and desire to truly understand our needs meant we secured exactly what we hoped for."
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Sandra P.
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