Grow your business. Grow your career.
Grow as a person. Grow together.
Grow your business.
Grow your career.
Grow as a person.
Grow together.
At KnowHow, we empower mortgage brokers to grow.
This isn’t a job. It is a partnership opportunity that equips you to grow your business and thrive.

We provide you with the opportunities, mentoring, support and resources to be successful in every aspect of your life.
How we work
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It is all about bringing together service, expertise and that work life blend.
When we get that right, businesses grow and lives change, exponentially.

Our team are in business for themselves, which means you set your own schedule, you turn the volume up or down as needed. We take the air out of the balloon when you need a day without phones or a stay-cation (let's face it Bali is not on the horizon anytime soon). We are your shoulder to lean on every day and the light comic relief when things feel like they’re getting a bit heavy. KnowHow is where we work, live, grow and play, as one.

We have a number of active partnership opportunities Australia-wide:

  • Currently employed brokers who want support to build their business
  • Broker business owners with an interest in joining forces
  • Parabrokers who want to fast track their career and personal development

Our value vault
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We are surrounded by people who love working with others. It’s the diversity of those people, their generosity, their willingness to be open and their hard work ethic which is so important. We work together, and work hard, to deliver a service that is easy, simple and stress free for our clients.

 🔳  9/10 loans settled were knowhow referred  🔳  our rating is 4.9/5  🔳  1,700 Australian families trust us and refer their friends

🔳  9/10 loans settled were knowhow referred
🔳  our rating is 4.9/5
🔳  1,700 Australian families trust us and refer their friends

Get Mentored by Bushy
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Bushy, our Founder, Mentor of the Year by The Adviser’s Better Business Awards, personally delivers our mentorship program, which consists of weekly one on one sessions with every Finance Architect. Bushy is also author of the Freedom Formula, host of the Get Invested podcast and a keynote speaker. An active investor with an international property portfolio, Bushy has also been identified as one an Australian Top 10 Property Specialist.

Word on the Street
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Luke Howard
Business Partner, Mortgage Broker

Working alongside Bushy and the whole KH crew has been a game changer for me and my business. I guess it started ten years ago, when I started out in Broking with Bushy and along the way I even took time out to give Solo Broking a crack. Moving back from solo-entrepreneur to KnowHow Property Finance has been liberating. My loan book has grown exponentially, I am having to delay or pass on leads because there is so much activity associated with our Brand and most of all the support is second to none.

I am respected, I am a mentee and mentor, my expertise is highly regarded and we all contribute to big picture thinking. Mostly I love the freedom and flexibility. With a young family, investment properties and a business, juggling becomes an art. At KnowHow I set my volumes, my agenda, my schedule and my support needs. I am a tech head, and the cloud based tools and systems in place allow me to deliver with ease from anywhere.
Next Steps
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We get it, let's get the initial 'Fact Find' out of the way. Those 'nitty gritty' questions that result in 'will this deal fly'. So reach out to Sonya, text message - email - messenger - LinkedIn - whatever works for you. Ask away.

PS: Don't be shy, feel free to call - we don't bite (much!).

Phone: 0417 830 164
Messenger: /sonyamartinonair
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