Realty Talk: When your tenants cooks more than dinner

This week on Realty Talk, we dive into the complexities of property investment, where the rising use of substances, notably methamphetamine, presents a concealed threat. Discover the critical considerations, from potential financial pitfalls to the importance of expert insights, as Bushy seeks answers in this enlightening discussion along with guests Rasti Vaibhav and Wayne Johnson.

The escalating use of substances, especially methamphetamine, poses a growing concern overall, with a particular focus on the real estate investment sector. Unless you have a reliable property manager or engage in testing, the likelihood is that you won’t be aware until it becomes too late. Being tardy in addressing this issue can result in significant financial losses, potentially leading to the complete demolition of the property. So, the question arises: are you adequately covered, and how can you determine the extent of extended liability risks? In the show, Bushy seeks expert opinions on these matters. Additionally, he explores the concept of diversification and its advantages by consulting Rasti, a regular guest and a member of our experts panel from Get RARE Property.

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